Yoko Maki 真木よう子 Japanese Actress

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Yoko Maki 真木よう子 Japanese Actress
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Yōko Maki (真木 よう子 Maki Yōko, born October 15, 1982)
is a Japanese actress signed to Flying Box.
Maki has appeared in several films including 2003
film Infection and the 2004 American remake The Grudge.
Maki made her film debut at the age of 19 in 2001 film Drug.
Her film career sprung when receiving a role as Aya
in the highly modernized remake of the Japanese vengeance film Lady Snowblood
(later re-titled as The Princess Blade).
Maki later began performing on stage in the 2002 play Cross.
In November 2008, Maki announced that she had married a 26-year old man not
in the Japanese entertainment industry. She also announced that she is pregnant.

真木 よう子(まき ようこ、1982年10月15日 – )は、