International Figure Skating [US] February 2019 紀平梨花選手表紙(単号)International Figure Skating [US] February 2019 紀平梨花選手表紙(単号)

卓上 万年日めくり紀平梨花 2020年カレンダー CL-4037卓上 万年日めくり紀平梨花 2020年カレンダー CL-4037

勝者のゴールデンメンタル ―あらゆる仕事に効く「心を強くする」技法勝者のゴールデンメンタル ―あらゆる仕事に効く「心を強くする」技法

Rika Kihira Trains Quad Toe and Quad Salchow (紀平 梨花, January 2019, フィギュアスケート)

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Rika Kihira Trains Quad Toe and Quad Salchow (紀平 梨花, January 2019, フィギュアスケート)
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Rika Kihira has had an impressive season, winning gold at 2018 Ondrej Nepela Trophy, 2018 NHK Trophy, 2018 Grand Prix de France, 2018-19 Grand Prix Final and silver at the 2018-19 Japanese Nationals. Rika Kihira has become known for her beautiful skating skills and crisp triple axels. Now, she is aiming to up the technical ante by training quad toes and quad salchows. Rika landed these quads during a recent trip to the World Arena in Colorado Springs in January 2019.

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